Greenfield Site 01/04/2015


Potential Mentors:1
Potential Jmen:2
Mentors from an earlier time:3
Jmen from an earlier time:3
We took advantage of college vacation time to have  a reunion of sorts which turned out great!
We also had 2 brothers, 12 and 14 years old, join us for the first time as well as a potential mentor.
We didn't actually "do" much. We had introductions and a very long check in, at which everyone was attentive and patient. We snacked and broke into spontaneous circles, reconnected and laughed a lot until we checked out.
The new boys seemed to fit in well and I expect to see them back.
Seeing some of the young men who I've been in Jgroup for 5 years, and how they have grown and are finding their own paths is rewarding in so many ways.
- Sam Rodgers

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