Hadley Site 1/4/2015

Happy new year!

Mentors: 4
Jmen: 6
+1 visiting boy
We feasted on pizza in honor of a Jman's birthday (full disclosure: we often feast on pizza, this time we had an excuse), then we had a check in circle. This circle included some explanation by a Jman and mentors about what a check in is as we were explaining it to a visiting boy who came as a friend of one of the Jmen. (I do think he'll be back.) I felt there was some meaningful sharing from many members of the circle.
After our circle there was birthday cake with relighting candles! (We don't usually have cake...)
We hung out, playing a crazy monster "King of New York" board game and cards. Also there was some computer use and music listening, followed by a closing check out circle.
For me, the time flew right by. We plan to meet again in two weeks.
-Grant Bialek

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