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Hadley and Greenfield Site 01/08/2015

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Mentors: 6

Jmen: 10
We met jointly at North Star in Hadley. We hung out talking in groups for about 45 minutes while we waited for everyone we were expecting to arrive. People were delayed as a result of the weather...
We had a check in circle that each person seemed to do their own thing with. Some were light and some were a bit deeper.
After check in a small group went out in search of sustenance while the rest stayed in. There was some card playing, some bonding around the computer screen and some conversation. The return of food was welcomed by all.
In no time it was time to check out and brave the roads again. There were many attestations of fun!
- Grant Bialek
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Greenfield Site 01/04/2015


Potential Mentors:1
Potential Jmen:2
Mentors from an earlier time:3
Jmen from an earlier time:3
We took advantage of college vacation time to have  a reunion of sorts which turned out great!
We also had 2 brothers, 12 and 14 years old, join us for the first time as well as a potential mentor.
We didn't actually "do" much. We had introductions and a very long check in, at which everyone was attentive and patient. We snacked and broke into spontaneous circles, reconnected and laughed a lot until we checked out.
The new boys seemed to fit in well and I expect to see them back.
Seeing some of the young men who I've been in Jgroup for 5 years, and how they have grown and are finding their own paths is rewarding in so many ways.
- Sam Rodgers
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Hadley Site 1/4/2015

Happy new year!

Mentors: 4
Jmen: 6
+1 visiting boy
We feasted on pizza in honor of a Jman's birthday (full disclosure: we often feast on pizza, this time we had an excuse), then we had a check in circle. This circle included some explanation by a Jman and mentors about what a check in is as we were explaining it to a visiting boy who came as a friend of one of the Jmen. (I do think he'll be back.) I felt there was some meaningful sharing from many members of the circle.
After our circle there was birthday cake with relighting candles! (We don't usually have cake...)
We hung out, playing a crazy monster "King of New York" board game and cards. Also there was some computer use and music listening, followed by a closing check out circle.
For me, the time flew right by. We plan to meet again in two weeks.
-Grant Bialek
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